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Tree Care

Tree Trimming

The main reason for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics which can increase the value of a property. By having M&S Wesley Tree Service prune your trees, you can rest assured the team will do it correctly the first time. Pruning for safety involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage—trimming branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways and removing branches that grow into utility lines. Pruning for health involves removing diseased or insect-ingested wood, thinning the crown to increase light penetration and reduce some pest problems, and removing crossing and rubbing branches. Pruning encourages trees to develop a strong structure and reduces the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Removing broken or damaged limbs encourages wound closure. Finally, pruning for aesthetics involves enhancing trees' natural form and character or stimulating flower production.

Some trees require manual correction to develop a strong structure. Only then can you get a firm, healthy, and capable tree to resist weather conditions of time and nature. 

Before & After

Palm trees before pruning
Palm trees after pruning
Tree before pruning
Tree after pruning

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